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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My ambition is to become a Police Officer and I have written about my ambition in my previous blogs. I did a research on my career. There are a few qualifications required to join the police Force. Firstly, the applicants must be at least 18 years old with good eyesight, normal colour vision and must be medically fit. The educational requirements are the applicants must have at least 5 GCE 'O' level credits or NITEC Finally, the applicants must be a Singaporean or Singapore permanent resident. Corporal is the first rank that will be given to you when you join as a Police Officer. A Police Officer get promoted if he does his job sincerely and responsibly because he will impress his senior officer by doing his job properly. The next few ranks are Sergeant, staff Sergeant, senior staff Sergeant, station inspector, senior station inspector and finally, senior station inspector(2). The salary depends on the person's rank, educational level and whether the person have served his national service. Newly appointed police officer will be sent for 6-month police officer basic course at the police academy. This training will make the police officers mentally and physically fit.

The police officer can become a senior police officer if he or she have the qualifications required. The qualifications are all the same except for the educational requirements and national service they have served. In order to become a senior police officer, they must have graduated from university and must have a degree. They must have completed their full-time national service. The ranks are inspector, assistant superintendent, deputy superintendent, superintendent, deputy assistant commissioner, assistant commissioner and senior assistant commissioner. The officers will be promoted if their senior officer steps down. The senior police officer will attend the 9-month residential training programme at the police academy. Adding to this, they will be required to attend another 6 week of leadership programme.
There are some responsibilities for a police officer. A police officer must do his duties properly and correctly. He must respect the law and must have good discipline. Punctuality is a important value that a policeman must have. A policeman should be always punctual for his work unless other valid reasons. Senior police officers must be a role model for their juniors. Therefore, responsibility is important core value for a police officer.
I want to join the criminal investigation department. My ambition is to become a assistant commissioner and be role model for the other police officers. I will study hard and get a degree in law management and join the police force. I will do my job sincerely and responsibly and impress the senior officers to get my promotions. I will achieve my ambition in the future.


Blogger miki said...

Hello,nice to meet you.

>The police officer can become a senior police officer if he or she have the qualifications required.
*What kind of examination do you take to enter the university?

>I want to join the criminal investigation department.
* If I become the police, I want to become a supervisor.

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